Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Boy Pirate Room - So Far

Isn't it just crazy how fasts little ones grow. I can't believe my son is already 3! When we move to our new house is going to be getting his "big boy room." We have recently started talking about this to him to help prepare him for the change, though I think I have been planning and pinning for about a year now. It will be pirate themed since he LOVES pirates. His nursery was sort of a pirate/monkey theme with baby blue, soft green, navy, and brown.

Not the best quality photos (all I've got since we moved), but you get the idea.

This pirate room is going to be brighter and full of fun fabrics and wall art. I really hope he loves it. 

I was originally inspired by a book we got him for Christmas two years ago called Pirate Potty. The wheels in my head started turning and I remember my sister's room from a few years ago. She used to be obsessed with dolphins and she loves mermaids so my parents made her an undersea room complete with some gorgeous wave walls. There were three colors of waves going down the wall getting darker in an ombre fashion (but keep in mind this was 8 or 9 years ago before ombre was trendy). Remembering this I knew he had to have waves walls. But more sailing across the sea wave walls rather then under the sea. I plan to do it in shades of turquoise with low contrast, or do the same shade of turquoise with the 'sky' matte and the waves glossy. There will be lots of patterns and colors so I don't want it to be too busy.  

(Here is a room with wave walls I found on pinterest just to give you an idea source)

Then I discovered Pinterest and things kinda just took off from there. You can check out the board of pirate roomy goodness I have going here. I found some fabrics to make his bunting style window valence:

And we got him this bedding from IKEA
We have some wall art and inspiration to make more. I want to make a few decorative pillows for the bed. Plus we have a few things from he nursery that we can reuse.

Now come the organization part. Right now his books are in the top shelf of his closet since he would spend nap time reading (and sometimes ripping) books. I really want him to have access to his books and in my own little fantasy world, he is hopefully ready to be able to stay in his bed during sleep time even with other distractions in his room. I plan to pick up some of these awesome spice racks from IKEA that have been all over pinterest being used in many fantastic ways.

I was also thinking the Hemmes 6 drawer dresser from IKEA in black would work well in this room though I have not fully decided on that or if I want to buy a used dresser and refinish it. So we will see. We have yet to purchase a dresser for him because we didn't want to purchase extra stuff to move. 

The big organizational thing I plan to do for both kids closets is this:

I have seen this closet on YouTube as well as on IHeartOrganizing and I just love it in so many ways. Who knows maybe he won't even need a dresser with a closet like this. 

So this is what I have so far....

....and plently of "Pinspiration" to have this room looking in ship shape.

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