Monday, June 2, 2014

How To Dye Your Hair Purple

I have been obsessed with purple hair for a while now. I have a whole board dedicated just to purple hair on Pinterest. Last year right before we moved I dyed my hair purple using a brand called Special Effects. The color turned out really cool, but it didn't even last a week. Huge bummer! I am no stranger to dying my hair funky colors, so I know it fades quickly, however that was a little too quickly for me to be able to maintain long term.

Then I decided to get my hair highlighted (which I hated) with the intention of putting purple on it again at the end of summer. It took me 6 months longer then I expected but I finally have my hair back to purple and I am loving it! When I first made the change a few weeks ago I got a few questions on Instagram, so I thought I would share a little bit on how I achieve my purple hair.

Before I dive in, I want to give a quick background of my hair. I have thick, long hair, that is a medium to dark brown naturally. As I mentioned earlier, I had it highlighted last summer, so I probably have 6 inches or so of regrowth. I wouldn't call my hair damaged, but I use heat styling quick regularly so I do experience some breakage. I am also over do for a trim, so I am sure that is contributing as well.

Ok, on to the good stuff. I used the Pravana Vivids in the color violet. The first time I did it, I put it over my natural color plus highlights. The affect was lovely, but still faded a bit quickly for my preference. So this time before I put the purple in I threw some random auburn color I picked up from Target.

It turned out fairly nice. I even briefly considered keeping it the auburn color, but my husband insisted he likes the purple better. If I had more time, I probably would have waited a week between dye jobs, but I only waited a few hours. I let my hair dry naturally after rinsing and conditioning from the auburn. Then i rewashed my hair without conditioner and dried it using the cool setting on my blow dryer before adding the purple. I would also recommend putting some coconut oil around your hair line and neck to prevent any staining from excess color. Better yet, just put a layer of coconut oil over your whole body before rinsing this purple out because it will stain your skin on the rinse. hahaha. I typically look like a purple smurf when I am done and have my husband help me scrub it off.

The directions say to keep it in for like 25 to 30 minutes, but I personally keep it in for an hour. Here is how it turned out.


  1. How do I use the pravana? Do I need an activator and if so what ratio?

  2. What was the auburn color you used from Target?? I love both of the colors on you!!

  3. What was the auburn color you used from Target?? I love both of the colors on you!!

  4. Try Fudge Paint Box color. The color lasts FOREVER and is super vibrant!

  5. Yes, what was the auburn color you used?

  6. Great job making this color, it's amazing, Love this color! would like to know which auburn color was used, as they have multiple hues of Auburn?