Wednesday, January 1, 2014

There is a Monster in my Pants!

So last month my cycle returned. I was not happy about. I did not miss it, not even a little bit.

So to make myself feel a little bit more "excited" about it, I decided to treat myself to some new mama cloth. My two favorite places to shop for mama cloth are The Pink Lemonade Shop and Party In My Pants. Both places had recently come out with some really pretty new prints. However the ones that stuck out in my mind where the monster prints the Party In My Pants had during Halloween time. They were a seasonal pad, and since it is no longer Halloween season one cannot just readily order these off the website. So I decided to take a leap and email customer service to see if it they had any stashed away. And it was just my luck that they did. They also had a free shipping over like $25 or $30 or something going on at the time, so I splurged and got two more of their new prints in addition to the monster print.

Here they are in all their glory.

I still think I want to pick up a couple more from The Pink Lemonade Shop because she recently started carrying some really pretty yellow and grey prints, as well as some chevron! 

Next on my list to try though, is the Diva Cup.  I can't decide if the menstrual cup concept is genius or gross, but I guess its no crazier then buying pretty things for me to bleed all over, or cute fluffy diapers for my children to pee and poop in. 

Hey, the way I see it is these are all necessary bodily functions. Might as well have a little fun with them since they are unavoidable. I don't think I would ever go so far into the fun zone to buy a uterus shaped plush toy, (yes, they have those) but who knows. 

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