Where do you live?

With my husband currently an active duty Marine, we move around quite a bit. Last year we moved back "home" to the east coast. At this time, that is about as specific as I am comfortable getting. One day that will probably change, though I am taking my time on deciding when. Once I put that out there, I can't take it back.

Why did you start YouTube/blogging?

When I first started making videos, I was just looking to connect with other moms. At the time I didn't have a whole lot of mommy friends, and the ones I did have were not local. I began watching videos on YouTube and then wanted to make my own. I started making them more regularly when I made pregnancy vlogs during my pregnancy with Averlee. I enjoyed making them so much, that after I had her I didn't want to stop. It has become such a fun hobby and creative outlet for me. I feel inspired to make videos and write this blog, and in turn my blog inspires me to live life more fully.

Where did you learn so much about cloth diapering?

Its part research, part personal experiance. I am on my second child in cloth and still loving it just as much as I did with my first. I am a research-a-holic, so before I even purchased my first cloth diaper I searched the internet for all the cloth diapering knowledge my brain could soak up. You can read more about my favorite cloth diapering resources here.

Who designed your blog?

Just me. I have a love-hate relationship with this arrangement. I love that I can make it what ever I want and change it whenever something is not working for me. On the other hand this puts my blog in a constant state of incomplete because I am always redesigning.

How do I subscribe?

There are two ways. The is an email sign up in the side bar that sends new posts straight to your inbox. However I prefer the second option, Bloglovin, because it keeps all your subscriptions in a one feed with one daily email.

Can I share a photo or post of yours on my blog?

I am very flattered if a post has inspired you enough to want to share it on your blog. Please stick to using only one or two photos. I also request that you link back to my original post. If you want, you can even shoot me an email with a link to your post so I can check it out. I love discovering new blogs.

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